Get an update on the latest news, take a deepdive into the world of voice search and discover how we helped UNICEF acquire more donors.
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Last month's top news from our industry

Wondering what happened in the digital industry in August?

TikTok’s is introducing the Search Ads toggle, Instagram is testing a new reels display for multi-advertiser ads, Google's Demand Gen campaigns is now in beta, and much more!

In this edition, we are also taking a deepdive into the captivating world of voice search and shareΒ how we helped UNICEF acquire more HappyPack donors by leveraging a global digital approach.

Let's dive in!


UNICEF’s HappyPack: scaling digital fundraising

For a long time, HappyPacks were mainly purchased by UNICEF's existing donors. Discover how we helped them acquire new donors and increase their revenue by leveraging a global digital approach.


Unleashing the power of voice search

DelveΒ into the world of voice search with us. In this blog article, we explore theΒ amazing benefits of this transformative technology and teach you more aboutΒ SEO optimization and voice search advertising.


From around the web

Artificial intelligence

OpenAI Launches GPTBot With Details On How To Restrict Access
- Search Engine Journal
"OpenAI has launched GPTBot, a new web crawler to improve future artificial intelligence models like GPT-4 and the future GPT-5. Learn more about it and how to restrict or limit its access to your website content."

Data, analytics & privacy

New Google Analytics 4 features for better App campaign performance
- Google
"As an app marketer, you want to not only find, but also keep, your highest-value app users. Google Analytics 4 provides robust audience management tools to reach the right users. And you now have access to new audience features."

Google Analytics 4 Gets Regex Filtering For Customized Reporting
- Search Engine Journal
"Google has introduced a new capability for Google Analytics 4 (GA4), allowing you to apply additional filter types to reports. Now, you can customize reports more granularly using match types such as β€˜begins with,’ β€˜exactly matches,’ and regex (regular expressions)."

Google Analytics launches new Audience report
- Search Engine Land
"Google Analytics 4 has rolled out a new Audience report. Marketers can use this new feature to identify their most engaged and profitable audiences. The report includes any audience that has at least one user in the specified time period."

Google Analytics 4 Rolls Out New User Data Export To BigQuery
- Search Engine Journal
"Google has begun rolling out a new analytics feature allowing users to export audience data from Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to BigQuery. The new feature, User Data export, will create two new BigQuery tables – one containing pseudonymous user identifiers and engagement data and another collecting user IDs."

Google-related updates

Get ready to upgrade your Discovery ads to Demand Gen
- Google
"We’re excited to share that you can get access to Demand Gen’s new features by signing up for our beta. If you have an active Discovery campaign, it will be automatically upgraded to Demand Gen after you enroll in the beta without disruption. Starting in October, Discovery ads will be eligible to upgrade to Demand Gen."

Google Ads to sunset Enhanced CPC on Shopping campaigns
- Search Engine Land
"Google Ads Shopping campaigns will no longer use Enhanced cost-per-click (eCPC) starting in October. Instead, Shopping campaigns using eCPC will behave as though they are using Manual CPC bidding."

Google Ads launches several new features ahead of holiday season
- Search Engine Land
"Google Ads is rolling out several new features ahead of the holiday season, including 'Enhanced Insights', new A/B ecperiments, and expanded access to the Search top slot."


Changes to HowTo and FAQ rich results
- Google Search Central Blog
"To provide a cleaner and more consistent search experience, we're changing how some rich results types are shown in Google's search results. In particular, we're reducing the visibility of FAQ rich results, and limiting How-To rich results to desktop devices."

Google warns against content pruning as CNET deletes thousands of pages
- Search Engine Land
"Google says deleting old content just because it's old isn't beneficial for SEO. However, pruning content can be helpful – when done right."

Social media

Instagram Is Testing a New Reels Display for Multi-Advertiser Ads
- Social Media Today
"Instagram is testing a new ad format for Reels ads, with a new variation of Multi-Advertiser display now appearing for some users. The new multi-ads format groups a selection of related brands onto a single screen, which is then displayed between Reels posts."

Introducing the TikTok Search Ads Toggle
- TikTok
"We're excited to announce the launch of the Search Ads Toggle, a new feature on TikTok Ads Manager that allows brands to serve ads in TikTok search results. The Search Ads Toggle leverages advertisers' existing In-Feed Ad creative to serve ads alongside organic search results from relevant user queries."

An update on fulfilling our commitments under the Digital Services Act
- TikTok
"The European Union has set a clear vision for platform regulation with the Digital Services Act (DSA). Following our updates in July about our Research API and Commercial Content Library, today we are providing more information about the work that we are doing to meet our obligations under the Act by the August 28 deadline."

TikTok’s Testing New Privacy-Protective Ad Targeting Tools
- Social Media Today
"TikTok’s looking to align its ad targeting processes with emerging data privacy shifts through the addition of a new offering, called PrivacyGo, which would enable advertisers to match their own CRM info with TikTok’s audience insights, in a privacy-protective way."

X Introduces New Brand Safety Features For Advertisers
- Search Engine Journal
"X (formerly known as Twitter), seemingly focused on creating a more profitable environment for advertisers over the past nine months, introduced new brand safety features. These features could allow advertisers to navigate the platform more confidently, optimizing their campaigns while aligning with their unique brand sensitivities."


Google repays advertisers after report of low-quality ads
- AdAge
"Google is issuing refunds to some advertisers to fix billing discrepancies, according to multiple ad execs, a little over a month after a harsh report claimed to find low-quality ad inventory running through the Google Video Partner Program, which places YouTube-style ads on third-party sites."

Helping customers discover new selection with Sponsored Products on premium apps and websites
- Amazon Ads
"We are excited to share that we’re starting down a new path in our Sponsored Products journeyβ€”extending your campaigns to premium apps and websites, including Pinterest and BuzzFeed."

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