What has been going on in the digital world in January 2023?
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It was only the first month of this new year, but a lot has happened already.

Microsoft extended its partnership with OpenAI, Google started sunsetting Google Optimize, account-level negative keywords were introduced in Google AdsΒ , a Yandex 'leak' revealed more than 1000 search ranking factors, and much more!

Let's get you up to speed.


Trends Gazellen 2023

Each year, Trends Magazine selects 50-250 "gazelles" in each province. These are fast-growing companies that can be seen as role models for other companies in their region.

This year, CLICKTRUST has been selected as a Trends Gazelle in the category 'Medium-sized companies' in Brussels.


Which web analytics tool to adopt in 2023?

Users’ trust in Google Analytics is being undermined and we see new challengers emerge. In this article, we thereforeΒ will discuss 4 promising alternatives: Plausible Analytics, Heap Analytics, Piwik Pro and Matomo.


ChatGPT for digital marketers: Google Sheets, GTM, JavaScript & SEO

For the last few weeks, ChatGPT has been all the rage. But how can you harness its potential as a digital marketer? Analyst Enrico sought it out.


From around the web

AI & ChatGPT

Google search responds to BankRate, more brands using AI to write content
- Search Engine Land
"Now we’re seeing more examples of brands using AI-generated content. Bankrate is the latest example. It is having some of its content written by machines but reviewed by human editors. It’s a bold strategy and the SEO community wanted to know Google’s policies around these efforts."

Google is freaking out about ChatGPT
- The Verge
"The New York Times reports Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have discussed its response to ChatGPT, with plans to launch over 20 AI products this year, including a demo of its own search chatbot."

ChatGPT Won’t Replace Google Search (Yet)
- Moz
"What’s certain for 2023 is that the popularity of ChatGPT and its accessibility to the general public is going to cause an explosion of investment (for better or worse) and accelerate development. While Google isn’t going anywhere, we can expect the landscape of search to change in unexpected (and occasionally unwanted) ways in the next year."

Microsoft Bing With ChatGPT Reportedly Launching In March
- Search Engine Journal
"Microsoft is reportedly planning to update its Bing search engine to include artificial intelligence from OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot, allowing it to answer search queries with complete sentences rather than providing a list of links."

Microsoft’s Looking to Invest $10 Billion into Rising AI Start-up OpenAI
- Social Media Today
"Microsoft is finalizing a deal to invest $10 billion into OpenAI, the maker of DALL-E and ChatGPT, two of the most buzzy AI tools currently available to the public."

Microsoft and OpenAI extend partnership
- Official Microsoft Blog
"We are announcing the third phase of our long-term partnership with OpenAI through a multiyear, multibillion dollar investment to accelerate AI breakthroughs to ensure these benefits are broadly shared with the world."

Podcast: ChatGPT est une dinguerie, le monde va changer...Β 
- Underscore_
A general discussion about the possibilities and dangers of ChatGPT.

Google-related updates

12 new Google Analytics 4 ecommerce dimensions and metrics
- Search Engine Land
"Everyone’s favorite new Google product, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), has just released 12 new item and event-scoped ecommerce metrics and dimensions. Ecommerce advertisers and retailers will now be able to view and analyze specific information about products, services and interactions."

Google Optimize Sunset
- Google Optimize Resource Hub
"Google Optimize and Optimize 360 will no longer be available after September 30, 2023. Your experiments and personalizations can continue to run until that date. Any experiments and personalizations still active on that date will end."

New Google Ads Feature: Account-Level Negative Keywords
- Search Engine Journal
"Google Ads introduces account-level negative keywords worldwide, providing advertisers with greater brand safety and suitability."


ChatGPT Examples: 5 Ways SEOs and Digital Marketers Can Use ChatGPT
- Search Engine Journal
"Looking for ways to improve your SEO and marketing efforts with AI? Here are five ChatGPT examples you can use."

24 Experts share how they are using ChatGPT to help with SEO efforts
- Matt Tutt
"Just about every man and his dog has been talking about ChatGPT recently, and about just how brilliant it is. I can see so many interesting ways it can be used to assist an SEO consultant in their day-to-day work – and so decided to ask around the SEO and digital marketing community to see how they’ve all been making use of it."

The 2nd order SEO effects of generative AI models
- Kevin Indig
"What are the 2nd order effects of generative AI and the flood of mediocre content it leads to? Since there is no tool that can reliably detect generative AI content, it’s likely that AI tools will lead to a flood of mediocre content, which raises the question of what 2nd order effects arise."

Yandex β€˜leak’ reveals 1,922 search ranking factors
- Search Engine Land
"A former employee allegedly leaked a Yandex source code repository, part of which contained more than 1,900 factors used by the search engines for ranking websites in search results. A lot of these ranking factors may be quite similar to signals Google uses for search. So reviewing this document may provide some useful insights to better help you understand how search engines, such as Google, work from a technological standpoint."

Social media

Meta Fined Over $400 Million By EU For Alleged Personal Data Collection Violation
- Forbes
"A European Union privacy regulator fined Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta more than $400 million on Wednesday, accusing the social media giant of illegally forcing users to agree to receive personalized ads based on their online activity."

TikTok Pauses US Security Deal Amid Rising Questions About the App’s Connection with the CCP
- Social Media Today
"Amid ongoing bans of the app within government-related organizations, and lingering questions about the CCPs influence over its operations, TikTok’s future in the US is looking increasingly shaky. And this latest update doesn’t, on the face of it, bode well for its future."

Reports Show that Facebook Usage is Up, as Meta Continues to Develop its AI Targeting Models
- The Wall Street Journal
"Facebook usage is actually increasing. This may seem unusual, given the subsequent rise of TikTok, and short form video more generally. But actually, Facebook has been able to successfully use the short-form video trend to drive more usage – despite much criticism of the platform’s copycat Reels feature."

Other news

Google and Meta are losing their edge as TikTok, Amazon, Instacart ads grow
- Search Engine Land
"Amazon, ByteDance’s TikTok and streaming services like Netflix are continuing to increase their foothold. People are spending less time online on sites like Google and Meta, so it’s no surprise that they’re facing hurdles, despite still growing (albeit slower than other digital ad platforms)."

Performance Marketers, You're Still Getting Ripped Off by Fraud
- Dr. Augustine Fou
"Most performance marketers casually brush off ad fraud, thinking and saying that it doesn't affect them because they only pay when they get the sale, or the install. But, in actuality, they literally don't know what they don't know; they are still getting ripped off by various forms of fraud - whether it is on web (visits, leads, sales etc) or app (installs, registrations, sales etc)."


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