What has been going on in the digital world in November 2022?
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Last month's top news from our industry

So what's new in the digital world in November?

Google now allows custom dimension in GA4 reports, Google Ads is planning to phase out similar audiences, Youtube launched a new way to control frequency, TikTok introduced Audience Insights and much more!

Let's get you up to speed.


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From around the web

Data, analytics & privacy

Google Allows Custom Dimensions In GA4 Reports
- Search Engine Journal
"Google Analytics is rolling out an update that will allow you to add custom metrics and dimensions to GA4 reports."

Expiration cap removed from JavaScript cookies in WebKit browsers
- Simo Ahava
"In a recent 2022 release (I don’t have the exact date or version number), WebKit has now modified this mechanism to no longer set an expiration cap on JavaScript cookies.This does not mean that WebKit rolled back the change from ITP 2.1. Rather, it means that WebKit is converging the restrictions placed on all script-writable storage, which includes JavaScript cookies."

Google-related updates

Google Ads is planning to transition similar audiences to more durable automated solutions
- Google Ads Help
"Starting in 2023, we’ll gradually transition similar audiences to more powerful and durable automated solutions, to help you connect with relevant audiences and unlock growth—while meeting people’s expectations for privacy. You can continue using similar audiences for the next six months while exploring the benefits of automated solutions. After that, similar audiences will gradually transition."

A new way to control and optimize frequency on YouTube
- Google Ads & Commerce Blog
"We’re announcing the launch of Target frequency globally for YouTube campaigns. This will help advertisers optimize towards more precise reach and frequency, while ensuring that we continue to provide a suitable advertising experience for viewers. Target frequency allows advertisers to select a frequency goal of up to four per week and our systems will optimize towards maximum unique reach at that desired frequency."

Google Ads Reach Planner now forecasts Video Action campaigns
- Search Engine Land
"Advertisers will now have the option to select “Action – Online Conversions” as a goal when setting up your plans in Reach Planner and can also add Video Action Campaigns to existing plans."

Performance Max transition: Key trends for Google advertisers
- Search Engine Land
"As retailers look ahead to the critical Q4 holiday shopping season, let’s examine how Performance Max has performed so far and what may lie ahead as we close out the year."

Start showing your products on the Shopping tab with Search Console
- Google Search Central Blog
"Continuing our efforts to support merchants and help them grow their businesses across Google, Search Console is introducing a new section for Shopping tab listings to help online store owners show their products on the Shopping tab on Google."

New ways to find holiday deals on Google
- Google The Keyword
"Find the best holiday deals on Google with new features like promotion badges, coupon clipping, deals comparisons and price insights."


Google adds Google Lens button to home page search box
- Search Engine Land
"Google has added the Google Lens button to the Google home page, by the search box. Google Lens allows you to search by uploading a photo to Google Search and then Google matches visually similar search results for you."

Google Updates Help Documentation To Say Using JavaScript For Links Can Be Fine
- Search Engine Roundtable
"Google has added a single "note" to the create crawlable links help documentation to say that links generated by JavaScript, where the link is visible, can be crawled by Google."

Google launches new search, shopping and maps features
- Search Engine Land
"Google has announced a boatload of new search features across Google Search, Google Lens, Shopping and Maps all aimed at bringing search to more users in more helpful ways. These improvements cross over Multisearch, Google Leons, Google Shopping and Google Maps."

Social media news

TikTok SEO: Understanding the TikTok Algorithm
- Moz
"TikTok has quickly become a viral sensation, with millions of users across the globe spending hours scrolling through the app's endless supply of videos. But for marketers, TikTok's greatest asset lies in its algorithm. In this article, we are going to cover the ins and outs of the TikTok algorithm, and how to leverage it to get more users looking at your brand’s content."

TikTok is introducing Audience Insights: Maximize results and scale
- TikTok for Business
"Today, to help advertisers better understand their audiences on TikTok, we're excited to introduce Audience Insights. Audience Insights is now available globally within TikTok Ads Manager."

Helping You Protect Your Brand Reputation on the LinkedIn Audience Network
- LinkedIn Ads Blog
"We’re excited to bring you a new Brand Safety hub where you will have the ability to boost your advertising performance on the LinkedIn Audience Network, while customizing your brand safety guardrails. "

Introducing the ‘Instagram Explore home’ Ads Placements via the Instagram Marketing API
- Meta
"We now allow for ads in Instagram Explore home via the Instagram Marketing API. This new ads placement will be available on all current Marketing API versions, and does not require an upgrade."

Social Media is Becoming Less ‘Social’ and More ‘Media’
- Social Media Today
"Is Instagram a social app, or an entertainment platform? What about Snapchat, or TikTok? Increasingly, it’s algorithms that are defining what we see in each app, and in that respect, it’s more about straight-up entertainment than it is about staying up to date with your friends. But what does that mean for the broader social media industry, and how marketers go about re-aligning their approach within this shift?"

Other news

Apple Offers New Ad Placements In App Store
- Search Engine Journal
"Apple is offering two new ad placements on the Today tab and product pages. This controversial move comes on the heels of enhanced privacy measures."

Microsoft is planning to double the size of its ad business to $20 billion
- Search Engine Land
"Microsoft is looking to double its ad business from $10 billion a year to $20 billion in revenue. As Microsoft's ad business grows, it means greater opportunities for advertisers who are looking to expand their reach beyond Google and Facebook. Additional options such as in-game ads, Netflix, and the demand-side platform Xandr will open doors for both publishers and brands alike."

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